A Gentle Feast Curriculum

We will very soon begin using this beautiful curriculum. While we have had a wonderful year using The Playful Pioneers our season with it is nearly through. As a working mom who desires to implement a Charlotte Mason style curriculum, I struggled to find exactly what I hoped for. After much research, and a lot of prayer, I landed at A Gentle Feast. The organization and layout of this curriculum, paired with the beauty and commitment to remaining Charlotte Mason in its approach, drew me in.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 8.33.46 AM.png

This curriculum provides everything you need to home educate minus the actual living books. There are morning time plans, poetry, artwork, and more. You get the history presented in a Charlotte Mason format as well as Language Arts, and everything is compatible with adding in elements and units of your own. The plans are provided in a digital format as well as many printed options, so you can edit and adapt for your family. It also goes through 12th grade!

As we move further into our use of this curriculum, I will post more. For now, you can research a little yourself here. Please let me know if you have questions I can answer.


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