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It is no secret that I LOVE teaching online. I get a lot of questions about my job and how to apply. This post will go through the application process step by step so you can get hired and LOVE teaching online too! 

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Applying with VIPKid can be intimidating. They have a system in place and it can take some time to walk through the process. That is where I come in. You can use my link or code to apply and I can go through the process with you side by side. I am happy to have conference call with you, engage online, answer questions, and more. I want you to succeed too!


There are FOUR steps on this journey to extra money, a full time income, a new passion, whatever you need!

1.  Basic Information Form

Enter your basic info and experience.

Many people make mistakes at this stage: make sure you know what they are looking for before you start filling it in.

  • Use your legal name as it is listed on your official ID
  • Use your legal address as it is listed on your official ID
  • List experience with children only. Things you have done like tutoring, teaching, educating your own children, camp counselor, babysitting (frame these as teaching – reading with children, teaching social skills, etc.)

2.  Demo Lesson/ Interview

You will teach to your interviewer (pretending to be a student), or you are offered a recorded version where you teach an imaginary student. VIPKid provides all lesson plans.

This determines your base pay rate. Please touch base with me or someone else that already teaches online before moving into this part of the process. There are things you can do to help improve your scores.


3.  Teaching Prep & Mock classes

If you make it to this stage, CONGRATULATIONS – you are hired! The following steps are part of getting familiarized with how to teach the lessons and use the materials VIPKid provides. You will read through material and take a quiz. Once you pass the quiz, you will teach Mock Classes with a Mock Class Mentor who is another teacher. They will also act like a student while you teach the lesson. They will provide you feedback after the lesson and based on your performance and score, you will obtain certifications to teach the level applied for.

4. Sign your contract (+TESOL)

You made it! Sign your contract and create a teacher profile. You will upload your official ID, Bachelor’s degree, and complete a background check. Then can upload a video introducing yourself to parents (here is mine), as well as a brief bio about your experience and hobbies. Finally, you will choose some pictures to showcase yourself and attract students. All teachers are now required to complete a free TESOL course provided by VIPKid in their portal. It has two associated quizzes.

That’s a wrap! When you complete these FOUR steps, you get to open your schedule in the VIPKid portal and begin teaching students as they choose your classes.

If you would like personalized support on your journey as an applicant, please use my link to apply by clicking here. Or you can enter my personal referral code during your application process: SARAH0522

Happy Teaching,

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