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So, I get to stay home with my little fellows and spend my days sipping hot coffee and wearing luxurious yoga pants while they diligently attend to their studies, right? Not quite! Actually, I wake up early and spend my mornings teaching students from China English. I love it. It allows our family to have the time we need together while I still work and help support our home. I teach while my children sleep. 42582086_10155488025942471_3177025031548960768_oHere is the thing: you can too! If you need a full time job or a part time job from home and have a Bachelor’s degree, you can make up to $22 per hours teaching from your house like I do. Currently, I work for three companies, and I know that two are hiring. I am happy to answer questions and also help you through the process.

37898335_10155370123162471_1785838446669987840_oIt costs nothing to begin. You just need a laptop and a smile. I can teach you whatever you feel you don’t already know. I have already helped many get started.

If you are ready to apply, head on over to one of these links and send me a line letting me know so I can be a support to you.

VIPKid is the industry’s leading online ESL company. They are well established and have a great pool of students. The hiring process can be timely (2-5 weeks from application to first class). Apply here.

GogoKid is a newer online ESL company. They are quickly becoming one of the industry’s top competitors. I have truly loved teaching for them since July 2018. You can apply and teach your first class typically within a week. Click here to apply.

Still unsure? Have a thousands questions about what I do and how it all works? Send me a dm  or comment below and I will connect with you.

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