GogoKid Application Process

Applying to Gogokid is easy! All you need to do when applying to Gogokid is five simple steps, which makes applying to Gogokid the easiest application process I know of for online teaching. It only takes a few moments to get started.

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There are four basic parts of the process:

  1. Application – click here to complete the application.
  2. Choose your interview time.
  3. Do a demo lesson/interview.
  4. Fill out your profile (video, photos, passport/license, etc)/Orientation
  5. Do a mock class with a coach.

If you have never taught online before, this is a great platform to teach with. Their home office staff are based in Beijing and are truly wonderful. The coaches are other teachers and you complete a class in the portal and they help walk you through the variety of tools and technology available to you for teaching.

Let’s look closer at the steps in the process!

Step 1 Apply

The first step for applying to Gogokid is to apply on their website.  If you haven’t already applied, you can use my referral code: P67V23NA. You can also just click here and get to the application directly. The main requirements are that you have a bachelor’s degree and are eligible to work in the USA or Canada.

Step 2 Set up an Interview

Set up your interview (Referral Code: P67V23NA). When I interviewed at the end of June 2018, I provided a demo video only and was hired this way. Currently, you select an interview time in the portal. If you cannot find a time immediately, be sure and continue to check. They open slots daily.

Step 3 Interview and Demo Lesson

The interview is about 15 to 20 minutes long. They will ask you basic questions and you will have complete a 10 minute demo lesson. Prior to your demo, you will be provided the lesson slides they expect you to teach. The expectation is that you will teach the adult coach as if they were a student. After this interview, you will receive an email inviting you to work for the company, or telling you to reapply another time.

Step 4 Set up your profile

Congratulations! You were hired. Now you get to set up your profile. On your profile you  create a brief introduction video, upload three or four pictures of yourself, and write a bio. These are where you market yourself to families. Choose images that are cheery, interesting, and professional looking. You will also have to send in paperwork (degree, identification, and a teaching certificate if you have one).  For orientation you watch 2 videos (25 minutes total) and complete 2 brief quizzes.

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 2.54.52 PM

Step 5 Open Slots and Coach Class

At step 5 you begin teaching! Yep! This is it! You are ready to go. You can open slots in the teacher portal. Students will begin to book your classes. Soon after opening your first slots, a coach will book a class with you. In this class, you will teach an adult coach, another teacher. They will also provide you support and suggestions. You will learn more about the platform and they can answer any additional questions you have.

Here is the best part of this process – you get me!!! If you want to apply and have support from someone that has been in the industry now for over 3 years, let me know. You can comment on this post, or send me a message on Facebook. I can make suggestions, answer questions, I can help you with your background as well as teach you more about the expectations during the application process.

Happy Teaching,

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